Site Up And Running!

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally finished the site. I believe everything should work decently now.

One of the main reasons it’s been taking so long is that I wanted to set up a blog (the one you’re reading right now) on the site. Having never made a custom WordPress theme before, I set out to create one that would fit the design of the rest of the site (which is not WordPress powered). As a starting point, I took advantage of the HTML5 Reset Theme (, which gave me the core WordPress functionality to build on. For layout, I used Bootstrap (, just as I have on the rest of the site.

Going through the theme development section of the WordPress Codex (, I soon got to grasps with the fundamentals of WordPress (loops!), giving me the abilities to create this blog.

The blog will be dedicated to all things web design and development, and I’ll try to post easy-to-understand techniques that you can take advantage of in your next project.

Thank you for being patient with me, and all fingers crossed next update won’t take this long!

UPDATE March 24th, 2015: The site has gone through a massive overhaul since I wrote this post. I’m still using Bootstrap and the HTML5 Reset Theme though! Now, however, the entire site is WordPress powered, as this provides more freedom in how and where I can display information :)